Best seeds in Minecraft


Best seeds in Minecraft

Many players are wondering what seeds to plant in order to create their 1.18 survival world. This version is being considered the most important update to Minecraft to date.

Version 1.18 has many new features that will be enjoyed by all players. New and exciting features include taller mountains, cave biomes, mountain biomes and commands. These features give you the feeling that you are lucky to have the chance to play the game in this way.

These are the best Minecraft 1 seeds.

10) -78688046

This stunning seed is sure to please. The Badlands biome is a unique biome that is rich in vibrant colors of orange and red. Players can spawn there directly. Players will find the Ruined Portal, Dripstone Cave and an abandoned mineshaft just across the valley from their spawn point.

A Warm Ocean biome can be found on the opposite side of the Badlands biome. It is home to beautiful coral structures.

The Ruined Portal loot is made up of:

9) 136502789

This 1.18 seed is a huge hit with your friends as it allows players to spawn directly into the Jagged Peaks biome. After players have climbed the beautiful mountains, they will receive a Ruined Portal as well as a decent-sized village with valuable loot.

A large cave is located just beyond the village and is home to many mobs, including Glow Squids.

The Ruined Portal loot is made up of:

The village loot is:

8) 1947644297

This Minecraft seed's main mountain is a big draw. Players will be spawned in a Grove biome facing a large mountain with a crater-like opening near the peak. One of the new 1.18 features is the Dripstone Cave biome. This cave is filled with beautiful stalagmites, stalactites, and other natural treasures.

The seed has many structures: a Pillager Outpost is located on the mountain's southern side, and a Ruined Portal is at its base.

The Pillager Outpost includes:

The Ruined Portal is:

7) 816802188

The seed of a lonely island would be ideal for anyone who wants to create a survival island. It's beautiful but also full of loot. The island's eastern side is home to an unusual structure called the Ocean Ruins.

A shipwreck is located in the waters below the island. There are many Lush Caves around this large island.

The Ocean Ruins above the water contain:

The shipwreck is:

6) 2243447718

This structure-packed seed will allow players to spawn close to a Woodland Mansion that overlooks a vast ocean. If I were you, I would clear the mansion from its mobs and make it my base.

The Woodland mansion is home to:

5) 4402933891408538860

Although this seed is not as visually appealing as the others it is still very lucky. Players can find four villages within walking distance of spawn. One of these villages is haunted. There are also a few Ruined Portals.

Below are the coordinates of each village:

Village #1: -265 / 63 / -6

Village #2: -360 / 63 / -245

Village #3: 156 / 78 / -300

Haunted Village: 271/66/239

4) 420

This seed is the lucky one. It is quite a walk to spawn but well worth it. Two Ocean Monuments are located just a few hundred blocks from the spawn in an Ice Spikes biome. This rare treasure is not to be missed. You can also find a Ruined Portal at spawn that will help you get some loot straight away.

Ocean Monument #1 coordinates : 4239/56 / 1040

Ocean Monument #2 coordinates : 4223/57/847

3) 6096073112523391586

This gorgeous seed is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy all that version 1.18 has to offer. A large cave entrance leads to a vast Lush Cave biome, which can be found near spawn. This Lush Cave is home to a large number of axolotls.

Cave entrance coordinates 274 / 666 / 163

2) 4744115001684867391

This unusual seed is unique in its structural arrangement. Players will also find a Pillager Outpost after the seed spawns in a cave. You will find redstone ore and diamonds within the cave.

Pillager Outpost loot:

1) -1895276179

This seed will allow you to unlock the full potential of version 1.18. A large, high-quality Dripstone Cave will be found in the middle of a Savanna biome. This lucky seed can be used to gain a glimpse at the new 1.18 biome.

Coordinates of cave entrance: -32/73/748

These are the best seeds to try in Minecraft for abundant resources. You can enter Minecraft seeds on various platforms like Java and Bedrock.