Minecraft knowledge book guide


Minecraft knowledge book guide

Minecraft has a lot of different items. Minecraft has over 700 new items and continues to add more each update. In the 1.17 update, spyglasses and lightning rods were added, while copper blocks will be added in the 1.18 or 1.19 updates.

However, not all items will be available in both Java Edition or Bedrock Edition. Java Edition has many things that Bedrock does not have. The knowledge book is one of these items that Bedrock users cannot get. This item is unknown to many players, Bedrock and not. This article will explain what this item is, how you can get it, and its purpose.

A complete guide to the knowledge book for Minecraft Java Edition

According to the Minecraft Wiki, knowledge books are considered utility items. They reveal available crafting recipes to players when they're used. The Java Edition requires many recipes to unlock, so the knowledge book can speed up that process.

Knowledge books can be used to give out recipes to Minecraft Java Edition players by adding them into their recipe book. The knowledge book is used to consume the recipe, thus removing it form the player's inventory.

Only commands can be used to acquire knowledge books. They are not available in vanilla Minecraft. They're not in Creative, so players won't be able to change the game mode to obtain them.

The syntax for this command is: “/give @s minecraft:knowledge_bookRecipes:[“minecraft:bed”, “minecraft:iron_door”]. This will give the player who is designated (any player can enter their name here) the knowledgebook, which will contain the recipe for an iron bed and an iron doors. You can also input any item.

It is a command. Players will need to enable cheats if they want to obtain a knowledge book. Although this will prevent achievements from being created, many players find it a fair tradeoff to allow cheats to be used in a Minecraft world.