Minecraft Survival servers


Minecraft Survival servers

For players who want to interact with others and shape the world online, Minecraft servers can be a great option. Players sometimes find their bases and builds are being attacked or destroyed by other players. It was a refreshing moment when u/criteriaz returned to their accidentally exposed base in Minecraft.

Since 2009, Minecraft servers have been available. These servers allow players to connect and work together in a shared world. There are many options available for players who are interested in different themes and mod packs. Mojang launched Minecraft Realms, a server hosting service that allows players to host multiplayer server games.

In a happy moment, u/criteriaz shared a message that they found in their base. It must have been shocking because it implied that their base was being discovered by players. Although the survival realm base was well hidden and underground, it was discovered by leaving the entrance open. This is a dangerous move on an online server that has the highest number of players. It worked this time, with a friendly reminder instead of the usual destruction. With a new setup in another dimension, hopefully there will be no more messages in the u/criteriaz Base.

Multiplayer games can be just as cruel as they are wholesome, as most gamers who have played them know. This error could have easily led to devastation for the player's base. Like most games, Minecraft is prone to being harmed by other players. It is normal to fear those players on survival servers where resources must be gathered. This note is impossible to guarantee positive interactions even with griefer protection.

Some players will feel that a Minecraft survival server is like a jungle where everyone must take care of themselves. This is a valid tactic in some servers. Base raiding can be legal if everyone agrees to the rules.

But in Minecraft servers where collaboration and exploration is the emphasis instead, then griefers become a larger issue. Although an accidental open base can be tempting for some, it is evident that this message made U/criteriaz's Day. The response to the post indicated that other players also found it useful. Whatever the case, u/criteriaz moved and their items as well as their base remain safe for now.