The absolute rarest Minecraft mob spawns in the game


The absolute rarest Minecraft mob spawns in the game

Minecraft is home to many mobs, which are a variety of creatures. You can divide them into three main categories: neutral, passive, and hostile.

All three types of mobs can be found almost anywhere in Minecraft. Some mobs spawn more often than others, depending on their rarity. Many gamers prefer rare mobs to be collected than killed for their drops.

This article highlights five of the most rare mobs in Minecraft. Many of them are unlikely to spawn naturally in the world.

Minecraft mobs arrest

These are the most rare mobs you will find in Minecraft.

5) Brown mooshrooms

When it comes to the most rare mobs in Minecraft, mooshrooms naturally make the list. While most players are familiar with red mooshrooms and have heard of them, only a few know more about brown mooshrooms.

Only mushroom fields are where you can find mushrooms, which is one of the most rare biomes in Minecraft. They only spawn in red colors.

A brown mooshroom is a sign that lightning struck a red one, which is very rare.

4) Pink sheep

One of the most rare mobs in Minecraft is a natural pink sheep. In Minecraft, 85% of sheep spawn in white sheep.

Only 0.1558% naturally spawned sheep are pink. The chance of spawning a baby pink sheep is only 0.0082%.

3) Charged creeper

Mojang also added charged creepers in Minecraft, as if creepers weren't scary enough. They cannot spawn naturally, which is the good news.

Lightning strikes can cause normal creepers to become charged, just like mooshrooms. A natural lightning strike on a creeper can be rare, so gamers shouldn't worry about sneaky, charged creepers appearing out of nowhere.

2) Skeleton covered in diamonds

Only a handful of players have ever found a skeleton adorned with diamonds in Minecraft's history. Mobs can spawn with armor pieces like helmets and chest plates at higher difficulty levels.

They spawn usually with leather armor and chainmail. In rare cases they may produce with diamond gear.

1) Jockeys

Jockeys can be considered a combination of several mobs, even though they aren't a mob. Jockeys are one of the rarest mobs on Minecraft.

For example, a baby villager zombie wearing diamond armor and riding a chicken has a 0.000000000000000000000000000000001991202975% chance of spawning, as discovered by u/GNiko324 on Reddit.

Although players will struggle to find any of the mobs listed above, they will be very lucky if they do.