Top Minecraft Players


Top Minecraft Players

Minecraft is played by millions around the globe. However, some players are exceptionally talented in certain areas of the game.

It is difficult to quantify the title of Minecraft's best player. Minecraft is a sandbox with many things that players can do and achieve.

Redstone can be used to build amazing and complex structures, and players can also dominate PvP combat. Players can also speedrun the game and quickly reach the top of the speedrunning leaderboards.

It is difficult to determine if one player excels at one aspect of the game better than another. The players who excel at their in-game skills can still be highlighted.

This article will showcase five of the most talented Minecraft players in 2020 across all aspects of gameplay.

Five of the best Minecraft players for 2020

#5 – Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo is a skilled builder in the Minecraft community, especially with redstone. Players will often learn something new or quite amazing from Mumbo's YouTube videos.

Redstone engineering feats include a walking house and unique automated farms. High-tech security systems are also available. There are rows of doors that open by themselves.

He is also a regular member and part of Hermitcraft Crew, where his building skills and personality shine. Check out his build in Hermitcraft Season 6.

#4 – Fruitberries

Fruitberries is a good all-round Minecraft player, but he excels in parkour. He was also one of the winners at the 6th and 9th MC Championships. He has also continued to be a success in the “To get To the Other Side and Whack A Fan” category. This was evident in the most recent MC Championship.

His performance in this YouTube video is a testimony to his talent in parkour. He also holds some impressive speedrunning times and a previous world-record in Co-Op With Illumina.

#3 – Illumina

Illumina is a highly skilled Minecraft speedrunner and has earned the praises on the leaderboards. Illumina has many high ranking positions on the speedrunning Minecraft leaderboard Java Edition.

Illumina has seven top 10 ranking for various speedrunning categories in Minecraft Java Edition, with two of them being the first.

He holds the Minecraft Java Any% random seed for pre-1.9 record that was set in 2018.

Illuminia, as discussed in this article has a strong chance to dominate the Minecraft speedrunning leaderboards patch 1.17. He's a dedicated speedrunner who puts in the effort and time to become a great one.

#2 – Dream

Dream is one the most well-known and respected players in Minecraft. He was a huge success in Minecraft this year, and he is now one of the most loved Minecraft creators.

YouTube honored him recently as one of the top breakout creators for 2020. He has more than 14 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

It is evident that his content is very popular and that many people enjoy watching him play Minecraft. But popularity doesn't mean that they are exceptional at their craft.

It does for Dream. Dream is an excellent Minecraft player, whether you love him or hate him. He is mechanically sound and has received many accolades for speedrunning. He also pulled off many tricks and nearly death maneuvers while being chased by four other great Minecraft players.

Dream is currently facing a huge cheating scandal in relation to one of his Minecraft speedruns. He maintains his innocence and plans to release a video to defend him very soon.

#1 – Technoblade

Technoblade is a long-standing Minecraft creator and has been a huge help for years.