Top streamers


Top streamers

While there are tons of free multiplayer Minecraft servers out there, Hypixel is undoubtedly one of the best. Many famous Minecraft streamers and YouTubers support it.

These are the top Minecraft streamers that play on the Hypixel server.


Technoblade is a Minecraft content creator. He has over 8 million YouTube subscribers and 667k Twitch followers. His YouTube series Minecraft Skyblock has been a huge success. He also plays the game on Hypixel. Technoblade plays Skyblock mostly on the Hypixel server, but can also be seen playing other games occasionally.


Purpled is a well-known online character thanks to Hypixel's Bed Wars minigame. Purpled is known for his Bed Wars Minecraft content, which he assumes is because he's very skilled at the game. Purpled is just shy of one million subscribers on YouTube and has 994k followers on Twitch.


Hannahxxrose is also known as Hannah and her Hypixel Bed Wars content. As her frequent collaborator Purpled said, the Bed Wars niche consists mainly of Hannah's Minecraft content. She is also one of the most skilled Bed Wars players.

Hannah is open to trying new Minecraft projects and will often play other Hypixel mini games. Hannah currently has 619k YouTube subscribers and 1 million Twitch fans.


GeorgeNotFound is one of the most well-known Minecraft content creators, with more than nine million YouTube subscribers. He also has four million Twitch fans. George plays on Hypixel often and streams Bed Wars games on Twitch quite often. Although GeorgeNotFound is most well-known for other types Minecraft content, you can assume that Hypixel is George's favourite, or the most used online server.


Dream is the most well-known Minecraft content creator with over 25 million YouTube subscribers, and 5 million Twitch fans. Along with GeorgeNotFound, he is often seen playing Minecraft on the Hypixel Server. Dream likes to play Parkour, Bed Wars, and other Hypixel mini-games.